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All The Cheat Sheets That A Web Developer Needs

No matter how good  programmer you are, you can`t memorize everything. It often happens to spend more time searching for a particular library, tag or declaration, than implementing it on our code.  To ease your work I have gathered here some of the most important cheat sheets that you will ever need.

Professionelle Softwareentwicklung mit PHP 5

Objektorientierung. Entwurfsmuster. Modellierung. Fortgeschrittene Datenbankprogrammierung.Sebastian Bergmann<br />
Text und Abbildungen dieser HTML-Dateien sind der Inhalt des Buchs "Professionelle Softwareentwicklung mit PHP 5" (dpunkt.verlag, ISBN 3-89864-229-1) und urheberrechtlich geschützt.1. Auflage 2005. Aktualisiert am 15.01.2009.

lessphp – leaner css in php

essphp is a compiler for LESS written in php.<br />
The entire compiler comes in a single includable class, but an additional command line interface to the compiler is included. See the quick start for basic usage.

The MobileESP Project: Easily detect mobile web site visitors

Inspekt – An Input Filtering and Validation Library for PHP

Inspekt is a PHP library that makes it easier to write secure web applications<br />
<br />
Inspekt acts as a firewall API between user input and the rest of the application. It takes PHP superglobal arrays, encapsulates their data in an "cage" object, and destroys the original superglobal. Data can then be retrieved from the input data object using a variety of accessor methods that apply filtering, or the data can be checked against validation methods. Raw data can only be accessed via a 'getRaw()' method, forcing the developer to show clear intent.<br />
<br />
Inspekt can also be used on arbitrary arrays, and provides static filtering and validation methods.<br />
<br />
Inspekt works in PHP5, and has no external dependencies.

WideImage – An open-source PHP library for image manipulation

WideImage is an object-oriented library for image manipulation. It requires PHP 5.2.x or 5.3.x with GD2 extension. It’s E_ALL + E_STRICT compliant and fairly well tested with Simpletest.<br />
The library focuses on ease of use of the most common image operations. It provides a simple and unified way to loading and saving images from/to files, strings, database, uploads and URL addresses. Supports the most common image formats.


The xmoovStream Server (formerly known as xmoov-php) is a centralized http streaming server written in PHP. It sits between your files and the world giving you control over many aspects of how your content is accessed. You can manage different kinds of content from different urls under a single installation.

php-flvinfo – Project Hosting on Google Code

A simple PHP class to read and write FLV meta data and cue points in Flash Video (FLV) files.

php-mp4info – Project Hosting on Google Code

A simple PHP class to read MP4 meta data from MP4 based files, such as MP4, M4V and F4V.

codeninja.de – A lightweight and fast MVC Framework for PHP5

Kata is a lightweight PHP5 MVC-Framework that balances speed and comfort. It's in use for pages with million of monthy pageviews, so it's a tried and true solution.