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How to install PHPUnit with MAMP | JeffreyBarke.net

SimpleTest – Unit Testing for PHP

Symphony. An open source CMS.

XSLT-powered open source content management system

Portable PHP password hashing ("password encryption") framework

This is a portable public domain password hashing framework for use in PHP applications. It is meant to work with PHP 3 and above, and it has actually been tested with at least PHP 3.0.18 through 5.3.0 so far.

CSS Crush

The contents of the file, and files specified by the standard @import directive, are pulled into one new file. This way you get the advantages of file separation but not the performance penalty of extra http requests.<br />
CSS variables that are specified are applied.<br />
Any search/replace macros that affect CSS properties are applied.<br />
Optionally (not shown in the example below) the file is then minified.<br />
The file is cached and returned by the script. The date-modified timestamp of the host-file and all the imported files are stored and checked on every subsequent running of the script. If any of the files have been modified a new file is compiled. If none have been modified the cached file is returned.

Sorted – Nefarious Designs

Sooner or later, whilst using arrays in PHP, you’re going to want to re-order the data. On a one-dimensional array this simply requires us to run one of the sort(), rsort(), asort() or ksort() commands (depending on what we are doing).<br />
However, should we be using a mult-dimensional array, we need to use the array_multisort() PHP command.<br />
If our array is a database result, it is usually a two-dimensional array arranged in rows but array_multisort() sorts using columns. For this reason we need to do some hefty work preparing our array for ordering. 

stash – a place to keep your cache – Google Project Hosting

Stash makes it easy to speed up your code by caching the results of expensive functions or code. Certain actions, like database queries or calls to external APIs, take a lot of time to run but tend to have the same results over short periods of time. This makes it much more efficient to store the results and call them back up later.

Best Lightweight PHP Frameworks of 2010 | Webification

Google Analytics Tracking in Facebook Seiten

FBGAT is a free and opensource tool created by Webdigi to work around Facebook’s Javascript restriction on Facebook fan pages which prevents Google Analytics from working correctly. 

Overview of ModelBaker, the Web App Creator

ModelBaker – a remarkable application that delivers point and click development so you can do amazing things for your business, your customers, organization and school.