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Cocoa Is My Girlfriend » Accessing The Cloud From Cocoa Touch

Everything is moving toward the cloud and unless you’re building calculators, unit converters, or miniature golf score keepers your iPhone app needs to know how to get data from it.

tmdvs’s TDBadgedCell at master – GitHub

UIViewTableCell mit Badges


iPhone View Animation Helper

How do I mask a square image to have round corners in the iPhone SDK …

Image Processing Tricks

I thought I’d contribute a few UIImage routines that I’ve found useful:
– Combine two UIImages
– Create a UIImage from a part of another UIImage
– Save UIImage to Photo Album

Simple iPhone Image Processing

I've written a simple C++ class with an Objective-C wrapper that provides a set of common image processing tasks along with conversion to and from UIImage.

NSDate (Helper)

‘11:59pm’ for an entry updated today, ‘Friday’ for a date within the last 7 days, ‘Jan 23’ for a date in the current calendar year, and ‘Nov 16, 2008’ for dates not in the current calendar year.

GData Objective-C Client

The Google Data APIs Objective-C Client Library provides a Mac OS X framework and source code that make it easy to access data through Google Data APIs.

joehewitt’s three20 at master – GitHub

cocoahttpserver – Google Code

An embedded HTTP server written in Cocoa.