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iOS Blocks

GLYPHICONS – library of precisely prepared monochromatic icons and symbols.

GLYPHICONS is a library of precisely prepared monochromatic icons and symbols, created with an emphasis on simplicity and easy orientation.

Code Pilot

Code Pilot enhances Xcode by adding swift navigation through files and other parts of your project. Thanks to a fuzzy search mechanism and an advanced scoring system for the search results, Code Pilot tries to guess what's on your mind immediately after you've typed just a few characters. Its ultimate goal is to keep you in flow, not distracting you when you change your focus from one piece of code to another.


SSToolkit is a collection of well-documented iOS classes for making life easier.

An Objective-C augmented reality kit for iPhone.

iPhone ARKit is a small set of class that can give you augmented reality in any iPhone application. The kind of augmented reality that ARKit caters to is overlay of information (usually geographic) over a camera view. The background camera view acts as a "window" onto the world around you.<br />
iPhone ARKit's APIs are modeled after MapKit's. For an overview of MapKit, please read the documentation for more information.<br />
While iPhone ARKit's API isn't an exact match, one controller can act as the delegate for both and serve up all location information. Please see the documentation in our wiki (forthcoming!).


After more than 10k downloads of my old app icon template and countless of requests for an update, i’ve put together an app icon template that should make your icon endeavors on the iOS platform easier.

20+ Open Source iPhone Applications To Learn From

Unter anderem WordPress, Last.fm und MobileSynth

How to Make Custom Drawn Gradient Backgrounds in a Grouped UITableView with Core Graphics – [coneybeare code]

Celsius Game Studios » GameFontMaker

I present to you what I think may be the first native Cocoa bitmap font creation tool for games, GameFontMaker!